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About Us

About Us

At AirWolf Athletics we believe in the Power of Sports and how those that embrace being a member of the team are not just more successful on the field but in life. We want you to be part of our team, a member of our AirWolf Pack.

What started as a sports team made up of military members has turned into something much bigger and our community has grown vastly as we become stronger every day with each new member bringing something to the Pack. We are filled with many strong and skilled people from all walks of life and as strong as these individuals are, we are much stronger as a TEAM.

We all have an AirWolf inside us, join our community to help bring that out as we help support each other while growing our respective sports and missions. We are stronger together!

Our Core Values at AirWolf Athletics are:

-Work Ethic (Hard work pays off)

-Discipline (Be the best in your craft/sport by being your best you)

-Respect (Respect the game, your teammates, competitors, and let your play do the talking)

I have had the pleasure of being a part of many selective groups within the U.S. Navy over my career and in turn the honor of being a teammate in numerous sports and leagues around the world. Now is your opportunity to be part of our AIRWOLF PACK!